The team at McLaren Health have a dream…

We want to create fair access to healthcare.

We want to find your health issues before they become a problem.

We want health care to be affordable for everyone.

We want you to be actively involved in your health.

We want you to have easy access to your medical records and tests.

We want to provide a centre that loves cultural diversity

and finally….

we want to show you how to achieve maximum health.

We are your West Auckland family medical centre.

Our People

I have been a doctor for 26 years and a general practitioner with over 20 years’ experience. I am a Fellow of the Royal College of New Zealand General Practitioners.

It is my goal to make expert health care available to everyone, especially for those in need, at low cost and easy access. I am always looking for new ways to make health care delivery better and more efficient.

I believe that if we live a healthy lifestyle we will have maximum good health and avoid disease as much as possible.

Come and join our team at our West Auckland family medical centre and we will do our best to support your health.

Our Partners

National Hauora Coalition (NHC)

NHC is our primary healthcare organization or PHO and they provide us with the government funds to offer low cost care to our patients. NHC is a Maori PHO with medical centres across the whole of the North Island.

McLaren Health specifically chose an alliance with NHC because of their underlying philosophy.

The NHC has always had a philosophy of providing maximum funds to help patients have access to affordable healthcare, while at the same time providing systems to help achieve excellence in patient care.

NHC provides software support for McLaren Health to help us achieve health targets such as reduced smoking rates, cancer screening and prevention of heart disease.

They also provide additional funding to make health care low cost or free for many patients with ongoing health challenges such as diabetes, heart disease to name a few.

NHC also helps provide quality systems and quality continuing education for nurses, doctors and administration staff.

Lastly NHC advocates for the needs at a political level in Wellington so that our people have a voice for their needs.

We have enjoyed a long relationship with NHC spanning over 15 years and we continue to move forward into a better future for us all.

Waitemata District Health Board (WDHB)

Waitemata is our local district health board and they provide all our hospital clinics and services for our patients.

The doctors at McLaren Health have very good relationships with many specialists who work at Waitakere and North Shore Hospitals and are only a phone call away for advice.

WDHB also provides extra funding for our patients to provide free access to healthcare for a number of services, including many of our diabetics, palliative care clinic and home visits, visits for mental health problems.

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