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Immunisations – Are Vaccines Necessary?

At McLaren Health we offer free immunisation vaccines for all children and for the complete schedule for childhood.

We also provide seasonal influenza shots and other vaccines for adults, including travel vaccinations.

Child Health

We offer free medical care to children up to 13 years old. As well as helping you to deal with your child’s illnesses, we want to help you to maintain their good health.

If you have a child under 12 who requires a vaccination, it can be administered without appointment weekdays between 8:30 am and 5:00pm. With our focus on prevention, all vaccination records are kept and we have a reminder system for when your child is due for their immunisations.

All children enrolled at McLaren Health will be recalled for immunisations automatically when they are due. We support parents and children so New Zealand kids can grow to their full potential.

Call us for immunisations and all infant and well child checks.

Flu Vaccinations

Influenza vaccines are available from March to July each year. Normally no appointment is needed. Certain patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and patients over 65 will get their vaccine free.

Please discuss this with our practice nurses or our receptionists.

Travel Vaccines

Travel vaccines are also available. However, please note that certain travel vaccines do require a consultation with one of our GPs at McLaren Health before the vaccination can be administered. Please contact our receptionists to make an appointment.

We’re committed to the health of your community. We value cultural diversity and we strive to be sensitive to our patients’ cultural backgrounds. Let’s work together!