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Our online health system helps you take control of your health care so you know that what you are doing is best for you and your family.

At McLaren Health we use the most advanced technology in health care. We work to stay current with the latest advances in medical science and health care practices. That’s why we encourage our patients to sign up for Manage My Health.

This health online system lets you see your complete health records anytime, anywhere.

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How can “Manage My Health” help me?

Firstly, it can give you peace of mind. If you or your family ever have a health emergency, through Manage My Health important medical records are accessible to emergency providers. Manage My Health enables your GP to share crucial patient medical information with after-hours and emergency care providers.

What can I use “Manage My Health” for?

You can log on to your Manage My Health account and access your medical records, read about any medical conditions you may have, receive lab results, check immunisation records, allergies, prescriptions and other information online.

You will also be able to book appointments with your doctor or the McLaren Medical Centre nurses, request repeat prescriptions, view lab results, manage your health goals and track your progress.

The system will also send you recall and appointment reminders and you’ll be able to end secure electronic messages to your doctor

All you need to do is log in for health online.

The registration process is quick and easy and our friendly staff are on hand to help. All you need to do is talk to your doctor or a member of our general practice team about registration.

What medical records are stored?

Your doctor will discuss with you what information may be helpful to you and then decide what information is sent to your electronic health record.

Your online personal health and medical records can be made up of:

  • Laboratory results: once your doctor has reviewed your results they are sent to Manage My Health
  • Prescriptions: medications you have been prescribed both long and short term
  • Immunisations: which immunisations you have received and when
  • Allergies: if you have any and what they are
  • Diagnosis: which medical conditions you have been diagnosed with, either long or short term
  • Recalls: any future appointments your doctor has asked you to come in for.

In addition to this you will have the ability to store other health related information which may not be recorded with our doctors at McLaren Health. This might include other treatments you have received or other medications which you may be taking; it is entirely up to you.

Contact us if you would like to sign up for Manage My Health at McLaren Health medical centre.