Low Carb Healthy Fat…..new approach to health and well being

Our team all went to a presentation by Prof Grant Schofield, from AUT,  about a new approach to eating well for maximum health.

We are all very inspired by this new approach to eating well and instead of demonising fats, its sugar and starch that are in the firing line.

It’s called the Low Carb Healthy Fat or LCHF approach and its focus is reducing the sugar and starch load on the body and replacing that with healthy fats.

Studies have shown this to help a number of conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other degenerative illnesses.

There is a book you can buy called “What the Fat!” which gives clear explanation of how to use this to maximise your health.

If you would like to talk to one of our team about it, then ask us when you next come and see one of our doctors.