Kids’ Health

Great kids’ health care for your family

We are a friendly, community-based medical centre. Our vision is to provide quality, affordable health care for you and your family for years to come.

As your primary care family doctors we take the time to get to know your family and help them grow. When you come to see us at McLaren Health Medical Centre, we focus on the well-being of your entire family.

Well Child Clinic – Tamariki Ora

Children and youth have different health needs and no two children are the same. Even if your children are not sick, they need to visit their GP at McLaren Health Medical Centre often for well-child visits so we can help them stay healthy.

These visits may include tests so we can keep any eye on your child’s development. We like to carry out these tests regularly based on your child’s age.

You just need to bring your child in to see our doctors and we’ll do the rest. If your child has missed some well-child visits, you do not need to worry, but you should make an appointment with us as soon as you can.

Child Health

We offer free medical care to children up to 13 years old. If your child is sick and it’s not an emergency, you should visit you family doctor or general practitioner, GP.

As well as helping you to deal with your child’s illnesses, we want to help you to maintain their good health. Your family doctor is your healthcare partner and we will provide you with all the day-to-day advice, information and support for all kids’ health issues and on how to keep your child well.

It’s free to register or enrol with our GPs at McLaren Health Medical Centre.

Immunisations – Are Vaccines Necessary?

Vaccinations can prevent some fatal diseases. With our focus on disease prevention, the doctors at McLaren Health Medical Centre suggest that all healthy children be given shots.

Our doctors believe it is a privilege to be part of their patients’ lives and really enjoy treating children at all ages and stages. Our doctors will treat your children with kind hearts and gentle hands as if they were one of their own family.

To see our team of family doctors at you will need an appointment. unless your child is 6 years old or under.

We’re family doctors and committed to preserving the health of our community. We value cultural diversity and we strive to be sensitive to our patients’ cultural backgrounds. Let’s work together!