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We’re committed to the health of your community. Let’s work together!

McLaren Health is dedicated to providing top-quality, affordable health care for you and your family for years to come. As your primary care doctor we take the time to get to know you and your family and develop a health care plan especially for you. We’ll work together so you can live a healthy, active and fulfilling life on your terms.

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McLaren Park Health Centre
83 Bruce McLaren Rd,

Across the road from McLaren Park Shops

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You will be treated by a quality doctor who has your very best interests at heart.

Free Phone: 09 837 3399
Fax: 09 837 0448

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Opening Hours

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Closed for Lunch 12.30pm to 1.30pm
After hours:
For an emergency call 111 and ask for an ambulance. For urgent medical help after hours visit Westcare Whitecross A&M,  131 Lincoln Road

Manage My Health

This is an online service that lets you manage the health needs of you and your family online, anytime. You can book appointments, see medical records, lab results, request repeat prescriptions and get appointment reminders on the Internet. The registration process is quick and easy. Contact our friendly staff for help.

Skin Cancer Checks

New Zealand has a high rate of skin cancer but thankfully early detection and management offers the best help. Call us for a spot check and one of our doctors will do a full-body exam to make sure any spots, freckles, or moles you have are normal. If any spots are not as they should be, we can then treat them.


We are trained to diagnose and treat diabetes. If you are a Maori, Polynesian, or South East Asian you should be screened for diabetes at 35 years of age. Our highly trained staff will help you manage your diabetes and the impact of the disease on you and your family. Find out more.

Womens Health

We offer affordable care for women’s health issues and treat women of all ages. Our care provides full well women checks, including cervical smears, breast checks, contraceptive needs and full general health checks. We also offer care for period and menopause problems and all sexual issues.

Child Health

We offer free medical care to children up to 13 years old. We support parents and children so New Zealand kids can grow to their full potential. Call us for immunisations and all infant and well child checks. We provide comprehensive health care when your children are sick as well as advice on to help keep them healthy.

Appearance Medicine

We provide confidential, affordable skin treatments and skin care advice for men and women of all ages, tailored to suit you and your lifestyle. We can work with you to help you look great and feel even better.

Why do I need a primary care doctor?

People with a regular doctor receive better overall care because the doctors know them. Fees are lower if you are enrolled with a practice and it is easier to get an appointment on short notice.

This can be very important if you, or someone in your family, has a serious health crisis; the worst time to go looking for a doctor is when you really need one. We believe it’s always best to have an ongoing relationship with your own doctor; they have your history on file. Call us today to enroll.


Enrolled Patient Fees

Under 13 yrs            FREE

14-17 yrs                    $13.00

18-24 yrs                    $19.50

25-44 yrs                    $19.50

45-64 yrs                    $19.50

65+ yrs                         $19.50

Doctors have the huge privilege of touching and changing lives.

At McLaren Health we believe the health and well-being of a community lies in its ability to work together.

Let’s change lives together for the good of all.

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One of the most sublime experiences we can ever have is to wake up feeling healthy after we have been sick.

09 837 3399
Fax 09 837 0448

McLaren Park Health Centre
83 Bruce McLaren Rd,